Increased market opportunities for MaMa-K™ including both proton and traditional radiation therapy

PRESS RELEASE, 3 April 2022

Kongsberg Beam Technology’s groundbreaking technology in MaMa-K, which initially was designed for proton radiation therapy has been further developed. The MaMa-K will therefore be available for a much larger market including both proton and traditional radiation therapies. The MaMa-K system offers improved accuracy and precision in real-time enabling proton and traditional radiation therapies to reach their full potential.

The intelligent MaMa-K system creates a digital model of the patient with the tumour based on images and with the use of sensors monitoring the organs’ movements. The digital model will provide possibilities for real-time adjustments of the beam during treatment, which will result in decreased irradiation of healthy tissue – and in the end, less side effects for the patients.

The global market for radiation therapy is expected to increase over the next years as the number of cancer patients, unfortunately will rise. With MaMa-K, more patients will benefit from accurate radiation treatment, saving healthy tissue from damage and reducing side effects. This is a major step forward for the entire radiation industry.

“Due to the revised project plan and the government grants, we now have an updated financing roadmap. The ambition is to raise a maximum of NOK 20 million in equity financing. This will bring the company to the position where it becomes an interesting partner for future commercial collaborations.”, says CEO Kerstin Jakobsson.

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