Kongsberg Beam Technology develops a groundbreaking software solution, MaMa-K™, which will prevent damage to healthy tissue during radiation treatment of cancer

Radiation is still emitted into a black box

Today it is not possible to follow the anatomical and functional changes of the tumour and surrounding tissue e.g. organs at risk in the patient during the cancer radiation treatment. The changes are resulting in significant variations in the position, shape, and volume of the tumour and surrounding healthy tissue.

Possibilities for performing high-precision adaptive radiation therapy have improved but radiation therapists are still left with a black box problem during the treatment.

Consequently, due to anatomical and functional changes, the radiation might be emitted to healthy tissue and it will not efficiently be covering the entire volume of the tumour.

Inadequate precision may result in decreased efficacy and unwanted side effects

Emitting energy to healthy tissue might cause severe side effects. This can result in e.g. nausea, hair loss, incontinence, impotence, hearing loss and the risk of developing other types of cancer. Insufficient radiation coverage of the tumour will decrease treatment efficacy.

Adaptive treatment

With Kongsberg Beam Technology’s Advanced Software – MaMa-K™, it is possible to give better and more precise input to the dose plan and personalise the dose delivery to fit the position, volume and shape of the patient’s tumour.

Kongsberg Beam Technology strives to become a premier collaboration partner with leading companies within the radiation therapy industry. Long-term collaborations will allow partners to sequentially launch updated versions of the unique AI-supported software solution MaMa-K™.