New share issue, Kongsberg Beam Technology fully subscribed

Kongsberg February 3, 2021

Kongsberg Beam Technology invited private share owners, board members, holders of share options, external parties and others involved in the operation of the company to sign up for additional shares. In the investment round in total 13 389 300 NOK was raised and exceeded the expectations.  Due to the large interest, the new share issue was fully subscribed already within two days. 

“We didn’t expect the share issue to be fully subscribed already within two days, we’re thrilled and very grateful for the large interest. We’re continuing our important mission to improve the quality of life for cancer patients”, says Per Håvard Kleven, CTO and innovator of the MAMA-K system at Kongsberg Beam Technology.

Moving forward, the company will implement the plans for proof-of-concept tests in the beginning of 2022 and is at the end of 2021 looking for additional capital to continue the R&D project.

Kongsberg Beam Technology develops an add-on device for radiation therapy for cancer. The technology improves the precision and accuracy of proton therapy in real time and with less severe side effects and with improved quality of life for patients compared with conventional radiation. 

For further information, please contact:
Aud Trondvold,
 Chairman of the Board
Kongsberg Beam Technology AS

Per Håvard Kleven, CTO, 
Kongsberg Beam Technology AS

About Kongsberg Beam Technology
Kongsberg Beam Technology is a Medtech company that develops an advanced steering system able to deliver personalized proton therapy in real time with better precision and less damage to healthy issue. Kongsberg Beam technology is headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway.