CEO Kerstin Jakobsson in Radium podcast on achievements 2021 and focus for 2022

Kerstin Jakobsson, CEO of Kongsberg Beam Technology participated in Jónas Einarsson and Elisabeth Andersen’s podcast Radium by RADFORSK Investeringsstiftelse. The pod is available for you to listen to the achievements within cancer treatments and Kongsberg Beam Technology’s focus for 2022. Kerstin Jakobsson updates about forthcoming capital raising, product development within cancer research, securing competencies and business development. Listen […]

Kongsberg Beam Technology in Radium, RADFORSK Investeringsstiftelse podcast

The new CEO of Kongsberg Beam Technology, Kerstin Jakobsson visits Jónas Einarsson and Elisabeth Andersen’s podcast Radium by RADFORSK Investeringsstiftelse. Listen to how Kongsberg Beam Technology develops a control mechanism for proton beam devices and combines technology and expertise from both the Kongsberg Group and the Oslo Cancer Cluster. Listen in this link:RADFORSK Investeringsstiftelse podcast […]